Well… once again, I had some pairs of jeans to do something with (my geeky man’s trousers keep on worning out so fast…). I look up on the internet for something quite easy to make with it (because I didn’t want to throw them away but I still wanted to get rid of them pretty quicly…). I didn’t find nothing useful and easy to sew online, so I looked around the living room. I saw my very old inflatable pouffe… I ended telling myself that it urgently needs a quick make over 🙂

So here it is, my old friend, the inflatable pouffe, with a brand new upcycled jeans cover!

Here is the pattern I’ve made for the model I had (55cm diameter, 25cm height):

[Jeans Cover Pouffe Seat FREE PATTERN]

Upcycled Jeans Cover Inflatable Pouffe Upcycled Jeans Cover Inflatable Pouffe

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