Obento 2016#2: Okonomiyaki

Obento 2016#2 contains

  • home made veggie burgers
  • roasted pumpkin
  • Brussels sprouts
  • cherry tomatoes (last ones from our balcony-garden!)
  • steamed broccoli
  • orange (some vitamin C!)
  • lychee

My very own recipe for okonomiyaki -> this way.

Obento Okazu Cups Ideas Recipes Okonomiyaki

Since November, I’m working near ‘Place Flagey’ (Ixelles) and my colleagues are regularly inviting me to eat out. So I’m discovering all the lovely restaurants in the area … and there are plenty of them! Some even offer Japanese inspired menu.

Today, I’m introducing to you the one I’ve liked the most so far: ‘SUP’. It’s a tiny place where you can mainly buy soups, buns and sweets (a kind of ‘soup bar’ actually). They have a nice bun+soup or bun+salads lunch menu. Soups are all fresh (3 differents available everyday), the salads include quinoa, semolina, pasta, etc. and the buns are always inventive. No matter which one you choose, their are all delicious anyway, so just let yourself be tempted! And last but not least, they have daily fresh homemade desserts (that I can’t resist…).

In any case, Kapibara-san approved it! Itadakimasu!

Rue Lesbroussart, 95
1050 Ixelles
Open from Monday to Saturday (11:00 – 16:00)
+32 2.647.12.01

SUP Food IxellesSUP Food IxellesSUP Food Ixelles

Obento 2016#1 Birthday Special

Obento 2016#1 contains

  • roasted pumpkin
  • cherry tomatoes (last ones from our balcony-garden)
  • Brussels sprouts (last ones from Itterbeek Park)
  • marinated chicken with honey and soy sauce
  • inari sushi
  • napa cabbage salad
  • rolled lasagna with feta cheese and chard

Brussels sprouts Itterbeek Park Woluwe-Saint-Lambert

Last Brussels sprout from Itterbeek ParcBrussels sprouts Itterbeek Park Woluwe-Saint-Lambert

Let’s hope this blog will last another year!


Our apartment is quite narrow and I can’t have a Christmas tree in the living room. So, I put mini Christmas trees here and there, candles and I hang small christmas decorations on the walls. Those are small things, but it’s enough to set the tone and create a cozy atmosphere. And Christmas cards sent by the family complete the picture.

Christmas Time in That House Tiny Christmas TreeChristmas Time in That House Family Postcards

The Advent Calendar, which is on the living room table, gives us as small sweet treat every evening after dinner 😀

Christmas Time in That House Leonidas Chocolate Calendar

Thursday evening, I was invited by friends of the Repair Cafe to come celebrate St-Nicholas (in advance) in the « Ateliers de la rue Voot » (where Sint-Lambrecht-Woluwe’s Repair Café takes place every month). They told me that I will meet there a St-Nicholas quite different from the ones you can see in supermarkets. So, I totally didn’t know what to expect.

So I ended up surrounded by kids in the courtyard of the « Ateliers », waiting for St-Nicholas to come.

And the least we can say is that when he finally appeared, we couldn’t have missed it… St-Nicholas, in the middle of a the avenue, standing on a wheeled vehicle, with on-board sound system and  fireworks … all powered up thanks to Bogeyman’s leg strength  … it was relatively SHOWY!

St Nicholas Sint-Lambrecht-Woluwe 2015

Of course, to get candies, children had to sing St-Nicholas’ song … (parents too, let’s be fair)

St Nicholas Sint-Lambrecht-Woluwe 2015

…and they also had to confess their badly behavings while also claiming that they had been obedient children all year long (that’s how it works!).

St Nicholas Sint-Lambrecht-Woluwe 2015

After candies distribution (and a quick selfie with me: 3), St Nicolas flew away to heavens! (hardly … especially with the strings of all the balloons messing up with the wiring …)

St Nicholas Sint-Lambrecht-Woluwe 2015

But at the end, everything went well: St-Nicolas was finally able to safely get on the roof without the aid of firefighters (otherwise, he would have remained hanging there all night). I must admit I really had a good time! I ran after his crazy vehicle in the street and I sang with the kids. The greatest St-Nicholas’ party I’ve attended in years!

St Nicholas Sint-Lambrecht-Woluwe 2015

PS: Thank you to the team of « Ateliers de la rue Voot » and thank you, St-Nicolas, for the selfie 😀

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