Thanks to my beloved geek who saved me from an attack of nerves (f****** PHP). Thanks to my four lovely rats (RIP) who inspired me for this blog design. Everything is under a common creative licence. So, help yourself, but don't forget to credit me !

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I've launched this blog project (after many others) at the beginning of my university studies in 2009. The goal was to share my bento pictures and recipes with all the friends that were asking for. The time passing by, my posts have changed, they got more diverse. Now that my last year in university has come (soon I'll be a graduate in communication, animation and events organisation), I've decided to pursue this projet a bit more seriously. So here I am ! From now, I'll make you discover my tiny life day to day ! I'm quite a short girl (150cm tall!) and I guess that my low angle vision of the world might be a bit different from the other people. You'll quickly understand that the little things of everyday life make me happy !

Between ecology influences, homemade madness, geek attitude and japculture.

Eccentric, you say?

Not at all ... it's much worse than you can imagine!